May 9-10, 2017 

Stuttgart, Germany

International Congress & BtoB Meetings for processes & management

InnovationQuality – The value of the New

In the future, competitiveness will depend more and more on the ability and willingness of companies and their employees to come up with new things that create value. There are resounding calls for innovation, revolutionary concepts and radical inventions – and these are louder than ever. The rate of change is faster than ever, modern society expects the unexpected and accepts that the only constant is change. 
Conscious of the many disparities, we are launching the first edition of InnovationQuality Summit Stuttgart, May 9-11, 2017.

 STW Stenibeis

When good ideas become a sustainable reality that creates value, that’s InnovationQuality.

Werner G. Faix

 STW Stenibeis

It’s naïve to think that ‘new’ automatically also means ‘good.’ With anything that’s new, the question to ask is whether ‘the New’ is better than ‘the Existing’ – or just different.

Jens Mergenthaler


We need qualitative ways to evaluate innovation projects to go with their successful implementation. As a consequence, it is only logical to becommitted to InnovationQuality.

Rolf-Jürgen Ahlers

 STW Stenibeis

Nothing is as innovative as innovation!

Michael Auer

International Congress & BtoB Meetings for processes & management

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